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so am back from leeds now. am completely shattered coz the ground was so bumby and really difficult to sleep on. must have been worse for aimee since she was sleeping on my boot which we thought had been lost aswell aswell as her habit of sleeping on biscuits :)
hefner were the best band by far and had the added pleasure of seeing 'gay dad' being thrown off stage 1st lol.
aimees favourite was green day suprisingly :) they were pretty good and formed a band onstage, although i dont thin they were impressed with the drummer who they replaced pretty quick.
other bands we saw were ...trail of dead, queens of the stone age, gene, frank black, ash, manics, king adora, supergrass, eels and bits and pieces of quite a few more. i'm gonna have to look out for anything i see by mouldy peaches (anyone who sings about the thundercats must be good).

aimee had her exam results the other day aswell and did really well. read her journalt o see what she got.

i'm really tired and hungry now so i'm gonna go now.
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